• 3.5 starsĀ 



This creative novel follows a girl and her brother as they are returning to earth all alone in a ship after a virus has wiled out everyone else. The going is lonely for main character Olivia, who is almost always referred to as Vee… occasionally as Captain.

Nathans ship is heading elsewhere when their lives collide due to bravery on Vee’s side. Nathans colony had been under fire and only few survived.

They, of course, fall madly in love. But with rumours, lies and murder on the cards, will it work out?



Vee was one of my favourite characters. Driven. Powerful. Doesnt take stuff from anyone yet is sweet as a daisy. Her inentions are always right, meaning it was a real struggle reading when things weren’t turning out well for her. A character that will stick with me long after putting this book down.


Nathan I never liked. But who likes teenage boys really? He was that, in many ways, and I struggles through his attitude and sexual drive. If his love for Vee was so pure then why did he act the way he did? Nathan is a mysetery I have no intentions of unravelling.


Nathans mother I struggled with also, until of course she told him what was what. Her original decision making seemed naive and too risky for my liking but, though she wasnt a main character, i did grow towards her by the end.


Darren. One word. “Ugh”.


Aidan is my favourite. He is Vee’s brother and bestfriend. Their bond reminded me of that i have with my siblings, especially when they annoyed each other over chess. I love Aidan, though he may not go down as one of my favourite characters of all time.



Its kind of hard to relate to a scifi in many waya but the love aspect i clinged onto and squeezed dry. Not the love between Vee and Nathan, ive had enough teenage romances to not be drawn to those anymore. No, the love between Aidan, Vee’s brother and Vee. Theyre all they have left on that ship and it was heart breaking to watch the bond be tested. Aidan is a beautiful soul and so is Vee. Their love for anothee made this book for me. Even when it was tough going.



Vee is described to be a Woman of Colour but the subject is only lightlty touched on. This worked for me as it is set in the year 2164 at which point humans are in contact with aliens. I hope by then we work past over analysising ethnicity. For example, Vee was looked down upon for being a young captain, but never because she was a black captain. We shall not become colourblind, no, but we will celebrate each ethnicity and not think less of someone for which they are.

Make you think?

Not a huge amount. This section is for the questions Im left with after the book but I dont have any deep and meaningful revelations. It was a fun read which I shall continue (I heard rumours its the beginning of a series) in which i had a lot of question and was mindblown when i found the answers but after finishing im not left deep in thought.





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